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I begin android programming and i can't find api key:( I want to find apiKey for show map in my program. I copy debug.keystore in andoid folder in C drive and when i clicked in keytool.exe in jdk folder, this closed fast and i cant read message in page. Why? Should i do other works for find api Key? I read https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/mapkey but i don't understand what is MD5! :(

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you need to run "keytool" from the command line, passing in one to many of the available parameters. it isn't a GUI-based application. try "keytool -h" to see the available parameters.

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keytool is a command line based program, and you can't run it as a GUI app. Try opening CMD and using:

keytool -list -alias <your_alias_name> -keystore <path_to_your_key.keystore>

You will then be asked for the passwords to the key and the alias. After entering those, you'll get an MD5 hash as an output.

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