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Is it possible to play an MP4/H.264 movie in flash from half way thru?

Currently cant figure out how to seek to a time that hasn't buffered yet. Is there anyway of getting flash to start buffering half way into a movie?


The moov atom has already been set at the beginning of the MP4 file.

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use pseudo-streaming

Normally you need a to use an streaming server which cost $$$ but you can use Pseudo-streaming.

Pseudo-streaming uses server-side scripts/modules where you have the server slice up the movie starting at the point you want to start from and wrap it as an mp4.

Stream your videos with standard HTTP servers

Pseudo-streaming (another article)

Oh yeah, I forgot about red5 as mentioned below in the comments. That is a free media server option for real streaming.


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red5.org should do the trick for free software –  The_asMan Oct 30 '12 at 19:49
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