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We have some generated pages whose URLs contain parameters, like These pages contain named anchors inside, <a name="here">like this</a>. And there are corresponding links that reference the named anchors, <a href="#here">like this</a>. Most folks today call these "skip links".

Clicking a skip link should result in the browser creating and following a URL that matches the original one, with the named anchor tacked on at the end:

On Firefox and IE, this works fine. On Chrome, Safari and other WebKit-based browsers, the parameters are lost, leading to which is invalid for our site, and just causes a 404 error.

Interestingly, if you manually put the full link in the location bar and press Enter, it behaves properly.

I've googled around a while and seen a lot of discussion about WebKit having problems with skip links, but none of them match the situation here where it's losing parameters.

Is this loss of parameters a known bug? Has anyone seen a workaround?

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I encountered the same issue. From what I can say this is related to the usage of a meta tag like this: <base href="" />. Once it is set my links point to instead of

Knowing that I found this question. So the anchor tag behavior is a known thing: Is it recommended to use the <base> html tag?

Since I can't remove the base tag I'll try to handle this with JavaScript.

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