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I'm trying to get some information about my Android Makefile, but echo doesn't work for printting messages.

Is there any way of printting a variable?

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I always forget how to do this kind of things.

Try this:

$(warning LOCAL_PATH is '$(LOCAL_PATH)')

I always use some comment in my makefiles on top:

# include $(CLEAR_VARS) change PATH! If you use it, before save PATH
# Extra info using ndk-build V=1
# Debug info using ndk-build -d
# Echo variables $(warning LOCAL_PATH is '$(LOCAL_PATH)')
# SRC_FILES := $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/../../Android/jni/*.cpp)
# Execute ndk-build NDK_LOG=1 to extra info before compilation
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There is also ndk-build NDK_LOG=1 which can be combined with V=1 –  Alex Cohn Oct 31 '12 at 3:20
Very userful, thanks –  Piperoman Oct 31 '12 at 9:11

If a goal is DUMP_xxx then ndk-build dumps a variable xxx instead of building anything, e.g.


This will print the variable $(LOCAL_CFLAGS) and stop.

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$(info $(LOCAL_PATH)) is more generic

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