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PHP image replacement?

I'm writing an edit script that allows a row to be updated in the database.

It starts by importing that row, then I wrap input boxes around the text areas which can be edited and updated.

That works great.

There are two url's stored in the database, http://www.mysite.com/images/image1.jpg and http://www.mysite.com/images/image2.jpg

What's the best way of checking if there are no new uploaded images on the edit form, to NOT update this field in the database?

I've tried using:

if ($image1new !="") { $image1==$image1new; } else { $image1 = $_POST['image1'];}
if ($image2new !="") { $image2==$image2new; } else { $image2 = $_POST['image2'];}

But that always passes a blank string?

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Where are you setting $image1new & $image2new –  Lawrence Cherone Oct 30 '12 at 15:54
because the uploader needs a variable to upload to. I thought that if no string was passed from the uploader script, it would auto set the $image1 to blank, as no value is passed to it. –  williamsongibson Oct 30 '12 at 15:57

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Use $image1 = $image1new; instead of $image1 == $image1new;. You should use just a single = when you want to assign a value to a variable

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If I understand, you want check if the input file have a file uploaded, and store that in DB, right?

First you need to retrieve, and store the ID of row in a variable, will assume that u will store that value in a variable called $id...

So I think u can try that:

if (isset($_FILES["input_file_name"]) {
$file = $_FILES["input_file_name"];

mysql_connect("server","user","pass") or die("Cannot access DB");

$sql_cmd = "UPDADE `database`.`table` SET `column` = '".$file."' WHERE `id` = ".$id.";";


else {
echo 'No images to store.';

Hope this can help.

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