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I've been trying to develop a facebook app. But since 1 oct 2012 facebook needs secured (https / SSL) connections. before i start the real app and get a server with SSL i really want to test creating an facebook app.

So i foun openSSL and thought i might install that on my easyphp (apache) local server.

Only problem is that its a bit tricky to find out how to. I'm no server/apache/ssl pro. i create web apps. So is there anyone who has some info on how to do this.

Or maybe other (better) suggestions of going at it.

thanks a lot in advance!

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Ok i found a way to test building an facebook app without needing a server with SSL. Just use a public dropbox link. Dropbox is secured. The simple tutorial can be found here: http://www.wpcode.net/fb-app-dropbox.html/ I have to add one thing though. Facebook requires a folder instead of a file. To cheat this add yourfile.html?fakevar=1 to your dropbox public link. p.s. dropbox cant parse php/asp so its just for js and basic testing. I hope this saves someone some time ;)

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