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Possible Duplicate:
Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP?
What is the difference between $a and $$a in php?

in PHP

what is the difference between $ and $$ ?

like $var and $$var; whats the difference?

Is it like $$var is the variable of variable $var?

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Is it like $$var is the variable of variable $var? Yes. – Alnitak Oct 30 '12 at 15:55
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$varname is a variable.

If you write:

$varname = 'qqq';
echo $$varname;

it well equal to:

echo $qqq;
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$$var refers to variable which name (a string) is equal to $var value. For example:

$some = 'foo';
$foo  = 'bar';

echo $$some; // bar

Here we output the value of variable $foo which name ('foo' string), in turn, corresponds to the value of another variable (with name some).

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It's just a variable variable. They are both variables, but the $$var signifies that the value of $$var should be used as the variable name.

$var = "foo";
$$var = "bar";

echo $foo; // bar
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That's pretty much it.

$var = "foo";
$foo = "bar";

echo '<br />$var: '  . $var;  // <br />$var: foo
echo '<br />$foo: '  . $foo;  // <br />$foo: bar
echo '<br />$$var: ' . $$var; // <br />$$var: bar

Since $var contains foo, you can think of it like ${$var}, where {$var} is replaced by the contents of $var (foo). It's pretty meta.. (:

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