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How can I insert text at the caret position of a StyledText in SWT?

An example of what I mean is as follows:

I have a StyledText with "Hello, world!", in. The caret position is in between the space and w, like so (the vertical bar/pipe, "|", is my blinking cursor):

Hello, |world!

I need some sort of way to insert text, so if I did something like myMethodThatInsertsText("beautiful "), it will change the text to (vertical bar still being cursor):

Hello, beautiful |world!

Do I have to do this manually, or is there a method that I just haven't found yet?

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The method StyledText#insert(String) does exactly what you want.

If text is selected within the StyledText, insert will replace that text. However, if nothing is selected, the text will be inserted at the caret position.

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Thanks. When I skimmed through the docs, the name didn't really click, so I missed it. –  Nathan Oct 30 '12 at 16:38

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