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How can I limit the lenght of the text eg 50 and put three dots in the display

{% if myentity.text|length > 50 %}

{% block td_text %} {{ myentity.text}}{% endblock %}

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{{ myentity.text|length > 50 ? myentity.text|slice(0, 50) ~ '...' : myentity.text  }}

You need Twig 1.6

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yess it works!! Thanks very much –  GRafoKI Oct 30 '12 at 16:16
Thanks a lot !! –  Barno Dec 2 '13 at 11:23

why not use twig's truncate or wordwrap filter? It belongs to twig extensions and lib is part of Symfony2.0 as i see.

{{ text|truncate(50) }}
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I'm using Symfony 2.3 and the truncate filter is not part of the default extensions. Therefore, I resorted to Manuel's solution instead. –  maurits Oct 14 '13 at 16:48
To enable the extension in Symfony add this to one of your configuration files: gist.github.com/pschultz/f33bfff72692ca0b6916 –  Peter Jun 27 at 15:00

Another one is:

{{ myentity.text[:50] ~ '...' }}
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thanks thats a cool one –  john Smith Jun 15 at 0:49
the only problem is that it always shows the dots... :/ think i will go with the first solution. –  Markus Kottländer Aug 13 at 8:00

Using symfony 2.4 truncate is always not a part of

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