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I have to filter a set of ids which i need to keep in a specific order. The problem is, when the filter (in this case shops.sector) excludes some records, the ORDER BY FIELD syntax gets invalid. The error message is: “Column 'id' in order clause is ambiguous”

Here is the complete query:

SELECT DISTINCT `companies`.id FROM `companies` 
LEFT OUTER JOIN `shops` ON shops.company_id = 
WHERE ( IN (96296,1,53585) AND shops.sector = 'Mobile') 
ORDER BY FIELD(id, 96296,1,53585) LIMIT 0, 30;

Is there any way to keep the order without knowing the filtered result first? I want to keep this in only one query if possible.

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you have two or more table with a column with the same name. you must specify what id are you ordering by, like or

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this would be more specific, but that is not solving the problem. when the filter doesn't exclude any of the records given in IN() everything works fine – Martin Labuschin Oct 30 '12 at 16:20
i am sorry, you were right. this is the simpliest answer. thanks! – Martin Labuschin Oct 30 '12 at 16:36

Try using

ORDER BY FIELD(, 96296,1,53585)


        WHEN = 96296 THEN 1 
        WHEN = 1 THEN 2
        ELSE 3
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