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I wish to create a effect on a component when the mouseover it. and when the mouseout, the effect will be reversed.

        <s:Parallel id="move">
                <s:Move3D id="moveDown"  yBy="+100"/>
                <s:Pause  />
                <s:Move3D id="moveUp"  yBy="-100"/>

<s:Panel id="userMenu" includeIn="USER" x="920" y="35" width="689" height="142"

             mouseOver=", false)" 
             mouseOut="move.resume(Array(userMenu), false)"
             rotationZ="180" >
        <s:HGroup x="44" y="9" width="590" height="62" gap="15" horizontalCenter="1" rotationZ="180"
                  x.USER="10" y.USER="208">


But I received a error like this

1152: A conflict exists with inherited definition mx.core:UIComponent.move in namespace public mx.core:IFlexDisplayObject.

after I add the move.resume() function. Why I receive this error? and How to debug it?

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Just guessing here, that error doesn't make sense to me. Try removing the arguments to the resume() method -- the documentation says this function has no arguments, just do: move.resume(). If that doesn't help, try changing the id of your Paralell effect to something other than "move" (perhaps there is some weird conflict w/the "move" event that a UIComponent defines). – Sunil D. Oct 30 '12 at 16:54
your guessing is right, "move" cannot used as a id. and the error gone. thanks. – Samuel Oct 30 '12 at 17:24

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