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1- I have inserted products in the table cart (and it works)
2- I identify if is a new or old customer(and it works)
3- I insert the new customer in the table customers or I update the new info of an existed customer. (and it works) I write here the code simplified.

I suppose that now I need to insert in the table cart, row customer_id, the id just created in the table customers (I mean the session id of table customers) How can I do that?

    mysql_query("INSERT INTO customers (name)
    VALUES ('$_POST[name]')") 
    or die("error:".mysql_error());

}else if (isset($_POST["update"])) {
    mysql_query("UPDATE customers 
                 SET name='$_POST[name]'
                 WHERE mail='$_SESSION[mail]'")
    or die("error:".mysql_error());

I tried and it does not work this:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO cart (customer_id)
             FROM customers")
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Use the mysql_insert_id() as documented here:

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This function is deprecated and discouraged. See the referred link and read about alternatives. This applies to the use of mysql_query as well. – Joshua Kaiser Oct 30 '12 at 16:25
Using these alternatives all over your project would be a wise decision! As you're not using them know, my suggestion for mysql_insert_id() still stands, but know there are better ways to manage this. – Hans Kuit Oct 30 '12 at 16:38
Ok. I tried mysql_insert_id() and it works. But, if this is not the best way to manage this, what would it be ? – Nrc Nov 21 '12 at 14:49

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