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The current project i am working on consists of 2 parts. 1 part is a qooxdoo app. And the other is a html file that will be rendered in the browser widget of qooxdoo.

I recently had to make some changes to the second part (not touching qooxdoo).

After i copied over the files i needed to connect the Qx app to the html page. Then it gave me some errors. I taught if i rebuild, they might go away (they did not). I get the following error:

LOG: 003045 qx.core.Init: Load runtime: 3044ms
SCRIPT5: The system cannot locate the resource specified. Xhr.js, line 375 character 9

I have looked and the file is located where it should be.

Does anyone has any idea how to fix this or what is causing it?

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Duplicate of mailing list posting… – ThomasH Nov 5 '12 at 9:35
Yes, i also posted it on the mailing list. But i have found the solution. I will add it. – AndyM Nov 21 '12 at 8:07
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It was rather silly, i placed one too many parenthesis and that caused the error. I had trouble finding it since the 2 where very unrelated.

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