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I am using WAMP (Apache 2.2.17, PHP 5.4.3) & WordPress 3.4.2.

Everything was fine until I started to add and activate plugins now I get different sort of errors on the front-end/Admin e.g.

"Notice: Undefined index: plugin_version in C:\repo\wpdev\wp-content\plugins\wp-rss-multi-importer\inc\upgrade.php on line 11"


"Warning: Illegal string offset 'feedslug' in C:\repo\wpdev\wp-content\plugins\wp-rss-multi-importer\inc\rss_feed.php on line 21."

IF I deactivate the plugins everything seems to be fine. I have installed WAMP & WP 2X. The plugins work fine on MediaTemple. The error messages vary depending on the plugins. Search Google and came up empty.

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These are Notices and Warnings, which optionally show up depending on your PHP error reporting settings. Find your php.ini and set the following:

error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

Note, you can find your php.ini location using the phpinfo(); function.

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According to the author of the plugin you are using, while waiting for an update you can get rid of that error by commenting out these lines in inc/rss_feed.php, e.g.

//if (!empty($feed_options)){

//add_feed($feed_options['feedslug'], 'rssmi_feed');

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