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I researched extensively and I couldn't find the solution to my problem.

The site I am working on is using Joomla 1.5 and the latest version of PDF Indexer + Rokajaxsearch.

Everything works great but I am having serious problems trying to change the order the results are displayed. By default it shows the PDF results first and then the page results, but I would like it to show the page results first and then the PDF results. In order to do this, I need to rewrite the search function to switch the ordering.

I have been trying to find where the code for the search function, but I cannot figure out where it is. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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could you provide the code being used to currently display the results? –  Lodder Oct 30 '12 at 16:40
@Lodder I have tried to pin point the exact script that produced the output for the last 3 h but in all honesty.... I have no clue where that is. That's why I've posted this... if you know which file could have this info I am happy to supply it. –  Jonathan Thurft Oct 30 '12 at 16:45

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