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I have a project that I have just imported from CVS. It is working in several dozen other developers IDE, but in my case, it is reporting a problem:

CHKJ3000E: WAR Validation Failed: com.ibm.etools.j2ee.commonarchivecore.exception.DeploymentDescriptorLoadException: WEB-INF/web.xml

Googling for this suggests its an issue with the way Eclipse loads the context. For some users, cleaning the project works. It didn't for me.

Any ideas on what I could attempt next to resolve it?

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This is a common problem and is because of cache maintained by eclipse.

Try clearing cache of plugins and doing a full clean ,you can also delete the existing server and create a new one.

Refer here for more details , see people gave faced similar issue and clean and removing cache and restarting stuff like this have solved it for them.

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Eclipse > Project Explorer > Right click on the project with the error > Validate

enter image description here

That worked for me!

I had the same error message for a few projects and did the same procedure for each of them and now all of them are fixed.

Related link: http://viralpatel.net/blogs/eclipse-this-project-needs-to-migrate-wtp-metadata/

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and then refresh the project! (F5 in eclipse) –  Hooman Jan 30 at 19:58

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