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I have this small entity

class Order
    public long Id;
    public DateTime Date;
    public long ProductId;

I want to select Id of entity which has MAX(Date) among orders grouped by ProductId. Pair (MAX(Date), ProductId) is not unique so this query is wrong:

select o.Id 
from Order o 
where o.Date = 
   (select max(o2.Date) 
    from Order o2 
    where o2.ProductId = o.ProductId);

Do you have any ideas?

Basically what I want is to get most recent Order from group, so if I assume that greater Id == newer Order this:

select o 
from Order o 
where o.Id in 
   (select max(o2.Id) 
    from Order o2 
    group by o2.ProductId);

will work for me. Are there any better solutions?

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it is not always the case, what if someone change/update the order date, then your query will not return the correct result. – Saboor Awan Oct 30 '12 at 18:22
100% correct ;-) therefore I'm asking for a better solution – Mixer Oct 30 '12 at 20:28

try self join instead of in query for better performance.

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there needs to be optimization in query, but it works for you.

List<Order> orders = GetOrders();

        var result = from o in orders
                      group o by new { o.ProductId } into ordGrouping
                      let MaxOrderDate = ordGrouping.Max(od=>od.Date)
                      let OrderID = ordGrouping.First(od=>od.Date.Equals(MaxOrderDate)).Id
                      select new 
                          ProductId = ordGrouping.Key.ProductId, 
                          OrderId = OrderID,
                          OrderDate = MaxOrderDate

        foreach (var item in result)
            Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Product ID:{0}, OrderId: {1} Date: {2}", item.ProductId, item.OrderId, item.OrderDate.ToLongDateString() + item.OrderDate.ToLongTimeString()));
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