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I would like to retrieve status's of all users who are using my Facebook application. I am not interested in retrieving the user's friends statuses only interested in retrieving the users who are using my Facebook application and have granted my application the "read_stream" permission.

I can successfully retrieve status's of the logged in user or one of the logged in user's friends by calling:

SELECT post_id, message, attachment, type FROM stream WHERE source_id = "SOME ID" AND type IN (46, 247)

But that is not my goal. I would like to get "All" users who are using my Facebook application and get their latest status feed without any particular user being logged in.

For example: I am not logged in facebook now neither or you. But when you click the link below you will get an RSS Feed of this particular user. This user is actually a business page so it is open to the public. Click This Link

I would like to retrieve this information from users who allow my application "read stream" permissions.

I cannot retrieve this information on personal Facebook user pages. So I am under the impression I need to build a Facebook Application to do so.

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Do you mean all users who are using it at the time you run the check or all users who have ever used it (or have used it in a particular period of time)? – itsbruce Oct 30 '12 at 17:22
I mean all users who have "EVER" used the application and my application still has the "read_stream" permission for that user. – Kourvoisier1911 Oct 30 '12 at 18:06
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There is no way to retrieve a list of the user IDs of your app's users, and if you already have the user IDs you already have the correct query format - you just use the access token from the users to make that call

The fact you can't retrieve a list is covered here: Facebook. How to get list of all users of my app?

If you need the status updates of all your users, you should probably be using the Realtime Updates API to get a notification sent to your app when the user adds a new message, you can then use a cached [and still valid] access token for that user to retrieve the new messages

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"you just use the access token from the users to make that call" - Are u saying capture each access token when the user grants access to my application along with the ID and save it to my external database. Then when i want to get the status of "all" users then reuse that old access token? I would think that the token would have expired by then. Thing is the user will not be logged in when I want to retrieve the status... The 2nd statement regarding Realtime Updatesand cached token may be the option... – Kourvoisier1911 Oct 30 '12 at 18:07
Realtime Updates page says "Note that you can not subscribe to changes on all properties and connections of the User object. Connections to which you can subscribe include: feed, friends, activities, interests, music, books, movies, television, likes, checkins, location, events." would my query i listed above fall into these categories??? – Kourvoisier1911 Oct 30 '12 at 18:16

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