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I'm using Carbon Graphite with the Ceres database backend. I am having difficulty in working out how to get the dedrag working in order to consolidate the slices.

I've tried the following but I get a rather strange error:

$ /opt/graphite/bin/ceres-maintenance --configdir=/opt/graphite/conf/carbon-daemons/example/ defrag
/opt/graphite/storage/ceres/ is not inside a CeresTree

does anyone have any insight? there appears to be very little on the web about this.

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Two possibles:

  1. The default location of your data directory is specified by --root. So, specify it. That is, the one that might be /opt/datastore/ceres/ (or not).

  2. If you're sure you're pointing to to the correct --root, make sure you're not missing the .ceres-tree directory (mkdir /opt/datastore/ceres/.ceres-tree/)

Put it all together with:

/opt/graphite/bin/ceres-maintenance --configdir=/opt/graphite/conf/carbon-daemons/example --root=/opt/datastore/ceres/

optionally, you can add --daemon and --logdir=/tmp/mydefrag.log

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