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I am using the spring 3 Scheduling and Thread Pooling framework. I would like to schedule different tasks at different times/intervals. I want each task to run to completion before another task is started.

I.E. If I have task1 and task2: task1 runs every 10 minutes and takes 1 minute to run task2 runs once a day and takes 5 minutes to run.

If task1 and task2 timers fire at the same time I want task1 and task2 to be put on a queue and only one task to be taken off at a time.

I know that I can setup this up with a Spring ThreadPoolTaskExecutor, ie

<task:executor id="executorWithPoolSizeRange"

However I am not sure how to hook that executor into a scheduler. When using a Spring ThreadPoolTaskScheduler you can only set the poolSize not the queueSize as well

<task:scheduler id="scheduler" pool-size="10"/>

Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to use the Spring exceutor and scheduler services together to accomplish my goal?

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You can do it two ways:

One is to explicitly specify your scheduler and taskExecutor as part of the task:annotation-driven tag:

<task:annotation-driven executor="executor" scheduler="scheduler"/>

Or as part of your scheduled task's , you can inject in the executor and submit to executor explicitly:

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