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I am using visual studio 2008 and I have a few files that I want to reference when in #debug mode. How do I get the directory of the workspace so that I do not have to manually change it every time I am at a different computer?

For instance, when I'm at work, my workspace is in c:\work2, when I'm at home, it is in d:\work.

This isn't an issue on the live product but it is when I change computers or other uses load the project since the files are in different directories for each workspace.

thanks! Eroc

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Add the test files (XML, spreadsheet, etc) as a 'Resource.' How to Add a Resource to your Project

Then, in your test files, you can use a relative address to access those files.

private const String = "./testFile1.xml";
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I started with this and I was hoping to have a little more freedom but this was the route I went. Thanks for the input. – ErocM Oct 30 '12 at 18:58

You are able to have some pre-build command to change directory.

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