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Is it possible using Chrome's debugger (or another debugging tool) to view DOM Elements as objects?

That is, if I create a regular object in Chrome's console, I'm able to inspect its elements.

> o = {}
  - Object
    - __proto__
      - __defineGetter__
      - etc

However, if I create a new DOM element, the debugger displays its HTML contents.

> p = document.createElement('p')

I'd like to view the variable p as an object. Instead of seeing <p></p>, I'd like to see it's properties (as you do when looking at o above)

Is this possible in the debugger?

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Maybe console.dir() is what you are after.

> p = document.createElement('p')
> console.dir(p)
    - HTMLDivElement
        align: ""

Image below is from Google Chrome Console Tools docs

Showing console.dir

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