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I have a Cloud Service running in the East US data center. Could I migrate the Cloud Service to the West US data center, but maintain the same VIP? How would you go about doing this?


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I don't believe so. The VIP is persisted for the lifetime of the deployment. So, you'd creating a new Cloud Service in West US, and that service would have a VIP that is different from what was in your East US deployment.

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The answer above is correct, what I do is publish my project to Azure in staging if it works I change the CNAME record in the web registrar and have little down time...if you have stateless services this works easier. This works for sites that can have a small maintenance window or a little down time...there are more sophisticated approaches with fault update domains (but it also costs more as you are running 4+ replicas of all your services). IIS 7.x also has features to mitigate this. –  Bart Czernicki Oct 30 '12 at 21:00
The reason I wanted to maintain the VIP over multiple deployments is because I have more than 10 domains pointing to this application. Not only that, but these domains are managed outside of my control, and updating them all with a new VIP is not practical. I have set up something called a Traffic Manager Policy however, this doesn't give a VIP so updating domain A records to point to the policy isn't possible. Still looking for a permanent solution. –  terfdaq Oct 31 '12 at 16:28

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