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Good day,

I have a simple function I have mapped to CTRL+L which I use in normal-mode to search for all instances in a project of a word or variable:

" Find all occurences in files
map <C-l> :execute " grep -srnw --binary-files=without-match --exclude=*~ --exclude-dir=.svn  . -e " . expand("<cword>") . " " <bar> cwindow<CR>

I am trying to make a command-mode function out of this so I could do something like:

:mySearchFunction wordToFind

This way, I effectively get a short and simple "Find in All Files" function so I don't have to type the lengthy grep function above all the time. I have tried modifying the code after the . -e " .expand... piece of the function, but I am not familiar with writing VI/VIM functions. I am familiar with C and BASH scripting, but I cannot get this function working as expected.

May I have some assistance with making a command-mode function from this mapping of mine?

Thank you.

Edit: Posting modified version of the answer from @Conner. Also excludes the CTAGS tags file.

command! -nargs=1 SearchAll execute " grep -srnw --binary-files=without-match --exclude={*~,tags} --exclude-dir=.svn  . -e " . expand("<args>") . " " <bar> cwindow
map <C-l> :SearchAll <cword><CR>
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command! -nargs=1 MySearchFunction execute " grep -srnw --binary-files=without-match --exclude=*~ --exclude-dir=.svn  . -e " . expand("<args>") . " " <bar> cwindow
map <C-l> :MySearchFunction <cword><CR>

Might I suggest looking into ack and Ack.vim.

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Close, but I have two issues: 1) After running the command, I get: E488: Trailing characters: cwindow^M 2) This only finds the exact whole match. What would I do to find partial matches (ie: if I search for MY_GLOBAL_VAR it should find MY_GLOBAL_VAR_1, MY_GLOBAL_VAR_2, etc). Thank you. – DevNull Oct 30 '12 at 18:42
Adding slightly modified version of your answer to my original question via edit. +1; Accepted. – DevNull Oct 30 '12 at 18:54
@Dogbert: the first issue may be caused if have any additional character after any of the two lines above. But I believe you should move to ack as suggested, then you would have a better tool to perform the search, and Ack.vim plugin which already implements the command that you wants. – mMontu Oct 30 '12 at 18:55

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