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Im creating a responsive html5 player and am currently designing the css. The problem i've hit is that the image will overlap the .container when viewed on a large screen and when viewed on a small screen does not fill the container. The image must always appear the same size on all screen sizes and must always fill (height wise) the container.

Here's a jsfiddle. I've put it all in a div to emulate having different screen sizes, just change the width of it to have a look at what happens!

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just add a <div> element and set clear to both

example: http://jsfiddle.net/NPdtT/2/

Because you are floating elements, they do not get context, for such you need to clear (make sure that all of the above element will enter in a wrapper element - in your example the wrapper is main_container).

added: <div class="clear"></div> and .clear { clear:both; }​

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Yes that fixes the problem of it overlapping but not the problem of it not filling the container when too small –  nbs189 Oct 30 '12 at 19:27
for that, use a CSS Framework to help you out with a responsive design either Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Fundation are the best choices. –  balexandre Nov 4 '12 at 10:09

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