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I'm building an autocomplete feature for my rails app. The input form makes an ajax call on keypress which then calls this search method in rails

def search
    search = Regexp.new(params[:name])
    @users = User.where(:name=>search)

    render :json => @users

All works fine... However, the user has a bunch of fields that are foreign keys to other collections.

For example, one of these fields is for rolify. role_ids which looks like "role_ids" : [ObjectId("508eee5afa0d00b818000001"), ObjectId("508eee92fa0d00b818000002")] which each map to something like administrator or moderator

What I want to do is replace these ids with the actual document from the roles collection. I know I can just manually fill it out, but I was hoping that there would be some way with Mongoid to automatically populate.

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Haven't used Mongoid myself, but with ActiveRecord you would do it like this:

render :json => @users, :include => [:roles]

This of course needs your User model to have roles association set.

Hope this is relevant in Mongoid too.

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it is, thanks so much. such a helpful feature this –  K2xL Oct 30 '12 at 19:38

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