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This my asp:RegularExpressionValidator

  <asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID="RegularExpressionValidator2" 
                runat="server" ControlToValidate="uxTrachoCtrl1"
                ErrorMessage="Ne dois pas contenir des caractères alphabétiques"  
                ValidationExpression="[0123456789,.<>=]" ValidationGroup="verification" Display="Dynamic" 

The string can contain only those characters 0123456789,.<>=

This my regex [0123456789,.<,>,=]

It works if I type one character like f or 1, but if I put more than one character this will raise an error:

ex: input="1"=ok
    input="11"=error (It's supposed to be right)
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The character class matches only one character. You need to repeat it if you want to allow arbitrary length characters:


If you want to exclude empty inputs use this instead:


Note that my character class is equivalent to yours (0-9 is a shorthand notation for 0123456789 and you had the , multiple times in your character class).

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you just have defined the range of valid characters for one character

change it to


instead of minLength and maxLength you should put your desired numbers . or use *|+ if you want to allow 0|1 or more repeat of characters as others suggested

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