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I know there are quite a few openshift fan out there and the list of feature that openshift give you I dont blame them too

so this question is for those guys I have solr full text search engine running on the openshift

Now the I using sunspot_rails to connect to solr to create indexes

all work well for sometime and all the indexes get create appropriately but we experience that after a while the connection to solr keeping getting lost

So I'm assuming that openshift doesnot allow long running process like solr to run and would kill after some period of time

am I correct in my believe

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You can use nohup to launch your script with post_start_ and post_stop_ scripts in .openshift\actionhooks

Redhat openshift - Cron Runtime - Is there a default time for how long cron executes shows how to do it with cron.

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I can do that but question was whether the openshift guys actually monitor a process and kill it as already said in Q I'm starting the solr using nohup in deploy hooks but I find that the solr process disappearing after something from my process list –  Ratatouille Dec 8 '12 at 6:00
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