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I used xcode+phonegap on virtual machine. When i try make arhive of any project i get an error like this:

error: '/Users/administrator/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/TESTING-avvoxtuipponnbeqgsiwblbbidxq/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/TESTING/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/UninstalledProducts/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app/TESTING.app' is longer than filepath buffer size (1025)

Help me! What could be the problem and how to increase the buffer? Thanks!

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I had the same problem just now.

It turned out I accidentally dragged the project's product itself into the "Copy Bundle Resources" section.

So xcode is trying to recursively build the product, so it can add the product itself recursively as a resource for itself.

Remove the product itself from "Copy Bundle Resources" section solved it for me.

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