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Does anyone know if it is possible in Drupal 7 to show a piece of content (a Page) to a blocked user that an anonymous user can not access?

If so how to you go about doing it?

Many thanks.

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Create a new content type (or a node) for blocked users.

Then you will need to code a custom module for that. Inside this module you'll need to implement hook_node_access, and the code would be similar to this

function [YOUR_MODULE]_node_access($node, $op, $account)
    if($op == "view" && $node->type == "YOUR_CONTENT_TYPE" && $account->status != 0)
        return NODE_ACCESS_DENY;

You can then use these nodes inside a block/view or any way you like.

Kindly note that I haven't tested the code, tell me if you have any problems getting it to work.

Hope this helps... Muhammad.

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