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I am using Linux and trying to figure out how to query (via an API) the NDP table for a specific entry. The only example I have found so far (in the source for iproute2) uses Netlink and gets the entire table. Is there a way to query Netlink for a specific IPv6 addr on a specific interface? Or is there a different way than using Netlink that I should be going about doing it?

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Could you maybe share your way to get the neighbour table? I am too looking for a way to query the table. –  Benjamin Maurer Dec 3 '12 at 13:21

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Unfortunately, this isn't possible in the Linux kernel as of version 3.6. There was a patch someone submitted back in 2010 to add such a feature, but it was never merged into the kernel code base. You have to pull the entire neighbor table into user space and then do the searching of it there.

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