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I've read some, related, questions, but it's not very clear what the best practice is for my case. I'm a database n00b trying to learn, so patience is appreciated. My situation is as follows:

  • 3 types of companies: Manufacturer, Reseller, ServiceNRepair (sharing about 10 attributes)
  • 5 types of products: StuffedAnimals, Bicycles, Barbies (also sharing some attributes)

So to keep things DRY I tried multi table inheritance:

# company.models.py

class GenericCompany(models.Model):
    name, description, address, etc

class Manufacturer(GenericCompany): #can manufacture different things
    product = models.ManyToMany(GenericProduct)

class Reseller(GenericCompany): #can sell different things
    product = models.ManyToMany(GenericProduct)

etc for ServiceNRepair

and similarly for the products,

# product.models.py

class GenericProduct(models.Model):
    name, price, color, etc

class StuffedAnimal(GenericProduct):
    fluffyness, ears_or_not, etc

class Bicycle(GenericProduct):
    wheel_diameter, weight, etc

etc for Barbies

Now I'm going to need to perform queries like

  • Show all products that are red (this is easy)
  • What products does this manufacturer produce?
  • Find all bicycles that reseller X sells

But can I do so with M2M? Manufacturer.objects.filter(product_icontains ='something') such things won't work. So, I'm I totally on the wrong path? Is the typical solution to use ContentTypes? I would just like some direction about what to study next to tackle this problem which surely must be quite common. Any tips appreciated. Thank you.

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You can do things like Manufacturer.objects.filter(product__name__icontains='something'), just add a name of the field in Product.

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though you don't need even that for the queries you've mentioned – Michael Gendin Oct 31 '12 at 1:20

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