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I am working on a server based on Node.js, using Express.

Use case: A user should be able to retreive his personal content from the server by making an HTTP GET with the following URL:[userID]

I have defined a route like this:

app.get('/content/:userID', content.MyHandler);

In "MyHandler" I am able to read the userID and return the appropriate data to the user.

The problem is that when "userID" contains a pound sign (#), I only get what is before the # in MyHandler, an consequently I am unable to find who is the user.

So if the userID is "123456", everything is fine. But if the userID is "1234#567", I get only "1234" in MyHandler.

MyHandler looks like this:

exports.MyHandler = function(req, res){
  var pathChunk = req.url.split("/");
  // sys.puts("--> Path in chunks: " + sys.inspect(pathChunk));
  // Nothing after # sign
  var userID = pathChunk[2];  // Will be incomplete if contains #

Is there a way to retreive the full userID value in MyHandler, regardless of the pound (#) sign?

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You need to URL Encode the userID to encode the string in a format that can be passed on the URL line.

This, in javascript would be something like:

var userId_encoded = encodeURIComponent(userId);
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Browsers don't send the hash and everything after to the server.

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