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starting with a hash ref....

my $my_hash = {};

building the hash in a loop...

$my_hash->{$index} = \@tmp_arr;

the elements for any key can be access fine as $my_hash->{$index}[0]

I am passing a hash like this:

my $vars = {
   myhash => $my_hash                

PROBLEM 1: trying to print like this, it prints the index correctly but does not print any values.... i am confused why?

[%- FOREACH index IN myhash.keys.sort -%]
    <tt>index number=[%index%]  value_1=[%myhash.$index.0%]  value_2=[%myhash.$index.1%]<tt>
[% END -%]

PROBLEM 2: the sort is not sorting numerically, so i get 1,10,11,12.... 2,20,21.....

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The first problem is probably down to confusion over whether $index refers to array position or a hash-key. I'd suspect it is probably assuming that a numeric key belongs to an array.

The vmethod item() is often a useful work-around when you have hash-keys that can be confused with other vmethods. I would try the following:

<tt>index number=[%index%]  value_1=[%myhash.item(index).0%]

The second problem is easily sorted (if you'll pardon the pun):

[%- FOREACH index IN myhash.keys.nsort -%]

By the way, there's another open <tt> tag at the end of your example, but I assume it's right (a closing </tt>) in your original code.

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