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When I dynamically load a snippet of html containing javascript via AJAX, I cannot see that content in the source tab in the developer tools window in Chrome 22.0.1229.94. Tellingly, I went here


This page shows an example developer tools window which is out of date. There is a button on the page to load a dynamic script and it does not show up in the source tab when you do.

As a work-around, I have found that adding


to the script and reloading it will cause it to pause in the dynamically loaded code, but unfortunately, all the line numbers are greyed out and you can't set any breakpoints within the debugger.

Am I missing something here or what?

Thanks, Rob

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3 Answers

You can use //@ sourceURL. Chrome doesn't seem to be supporting //@ sourceURL for inline scripts. However, it does work on eval expressions. This article gives more details about naming eval blocks and naming of any anonymous functions in your code.

Instead of using eval, you can try embedding a script tag or JSONP may be.

Varunkumar Nagarajan

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When you use a library or javascript code that you have loaded it dynamically, you can use the phrase

//@ sourceURL=foo.js

at the beginning of your javascript code that foo.js is the name that will be assigned it. debugger will show it with that name. This is true in chrome, and I think in firebug too. In this case you can place a breakpoint in the dynamically loaded javascript code.

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Ufortunately I run into the same problem. However I'm loading these files form Yahoo CDN (they are module dependencies). In Firefox (23.0.1) in Firebug (1.12.0) these files are visible in Script tab. In Chrome (29.0.1547.62 m) they are only accessible in Resources and Network tab. I need to set breakpoints there and I can't ... –  op1ekun Sep 2 '13 at 14:18
I propose that you load it using a library that is implemented for this purpose. for example using require.js. Or you can load them by a method like the one that has been used in require.js. –  Farshid Saberi Nov 3 '13 at 18:51
YUI (which I'm using) has it's own way of loading modules. It's similar to require.js. At the end you end up with dynamically created <script> tag and the callback is fired with your module as dependency. Still it doesn't work... Even Paul Irish was surprised ;) twitter.com/op1ekun/status/374533588823199744 –  op1ekun Nov 3 '13 at 19:08
It is a little stranger. How does it appear when you inspect it with an inspector like firebug, in its net tab. Is it categorized a XHR or JS. YUI should load it as a javascript file using <script> tag asynchronously with HTML 5 async attribute of script tag. Unless you are not using HTML 5. –  Farshid Saberi Nov 3 '13 at 20:21
IT WORKS IN FIREFOX and it's JS as it should be ... However it doesn't appear in Sources tab in Chrome. Of course I'm using HTML5, but it has nothing to do with that... It's a script tag which is being loaded asynchronously. Nothing special about it. Nevertheless thank you for your input :) It might be a YUI problem (which wouldn't be suprising :P). Don't bother... –  op1ekun Nov 3 '13 at 20:44
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Alternatively, to fix this problem you can open developer tool in a seprate window by clicking the icon. Now reload your script, and it will shown in script tab as expected. I know this is not a solution but a work arround. enter image description here

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