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I have a model that has three attributes including a state attribute:


I want to validate the uniqueness of a attribute1 on the scope of attribute2:

validate :attribute1, uniqueness: { scope: :attribute2 }

However, I do not want to check against any RailsModels where state = :canceled

Is there a simple way to add this condition or do I need to write a custom validation?

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You can use the if conditional:

validate :attribute1, uniqueness: { scope: :attribute2 }, :if => "state == canceled"

There are many possibilities there, just check on Guides!

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My understanding of using a conditional like that is that any RailsModels where state == :canceled will not be checked for uniqueness. However, other RailsModels where state == :accepted will check for uniqueness against the RailsModel where state == :canceled. This is undesired behaviour. I want canceled RailsModels to be totally taken out of the equation. –  chapmand Oct 31 '12 at 12:43

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