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I've encountered an interesting problem. I have a div that is a container around a menu.

If i set overflow : hidden on the menu, the the parts of the menu that overflow are hidden.

Instead of hiding them, I'd like to simply resize the 'group-list' menu flyout so that it'll stay inside my menu.

Here's a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/uW9nG/

In the fiddle, you'll see that if you mouseOver A, it flys out over the blue container. If you Toggle the overflow, the overflow will be hidden.

How can I make the overflow simply resize the group-list so that it fits in the container?

(I've been working on this math all morning, and can't quite get it..)

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Your groupList is currently being given a margin-top, but it would be simpler to make it position:absolute and then pull it up -50px (to match the 50px you pushed the <ul id='test-two'> down. See fiddle.

    'top': '-50px',
    'position': 'absolute'

If your #test-two wasn't positioned, you could just give groupList 0px for the top.

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I forked your fiddle and came up with a solution. Just find the top positions of the container and the flyout, then find the difference and relatively position the flyout with that value. I also had to change the height of the list items to be hard coded at 20px otherwise the list item would change width.

var groupListTop = groupList.offset().top;
var containerTop = $('#container').offset().top;
if(groupListTop < containerTop) {
    var diff = containerTop - groupListTop;
        position: 'relative',
        top: diff
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