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I am trying to learn Ruby and I have the following code

 a[0]={ :artist => 'Green Day',
                          :name => 'Song1',
                                                   :bitrate => 192 }
 a[1]={ :artist => 'U2', :name => 'Song2' }
 a[2]={:artist => 'Metallica', :name => 'Battery' }

My question is how do I find in such an array all the songs by Metallica, for example? Thank you! :)

Edit: Ok, another newbie question? How can I find the songs that contain a certain sequence in their titles?

I tried:

a.find { |x| x[:song].include? 'Song' }

but it returns an error.

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a.select { |song| song[:artist] == 'Metallica' }

and for your second question

a.select { |song| song[:name].include? 'Song' }
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You can use select method

a.select {|c| c[:artist] == 'U2'}
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That won't find much Metallica songs... –  steenslag Oct 30 '12 at 21:47
Employee.where("artist = ?", "Metallica")

returns a chainable scope object that acts like an array.

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No proof here that the person is using Rails. –  Ryan Bigg Oct 30 '12 at 21:31

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