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I want to use Apache Shiro[1] in my JSF-Application to perform URL-based authorization checks, configuration done in shiro.ini As I see in the Shiro-documentation[2] there is a way to use a "perms"-filter

/remoting/rpc/** = authc, perms["remote:invoke"]

In my scenario I want this functionality, but on entity-level[3], where the entity-Id is in the http-request

# "Open settings for user with id=123":
# /user/settings.xhtml?user_id=123
/user/settings.xhtml = perms["user:update:XXX"]

So, how do I do this with Shiro? How to I tell the perms-filter to check for http-params? Or is this supposed to be done in my Realm-Implemenation, concrete by calling FacesContext?

[1] https://shiro.apache.org

[2] https://shiro.apache.org/web.html#Web-webini

[3] This can be done at least programmatically:



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It is possible to do this by implementing and using own "org.apache.shiro.web.filter.AccessControlFilter" subclasses in the software. This own classes can be declared in the shiro.ini:

user = filter.FooFilter

The AccessControlFilter-class provides an "isAccessAllowed(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, Object mappedValue)"-method, which can be overridden to use "request.getParameterMap()" for getting the HTTP-GET-parameters.

[1] Original from: http://shiro-user.582556.n2.nabble.com/hundreds-of-url-and-perms-relationship-management-tp7526644p7527823.html

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