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I have TreeView object and I need when a node of treeview is selected, form is shown in definite location (properties of the node), and when another node is selected, the form changes. When no node is selected, the form disappear. Form contains only ListView object. I need something like properties window in visual studio.

The problem I have now:

Form appear randomly, in wrong location, I need it to be shown in definite location in another form.

After each mouse down event, appear a new form, but I need there will be only one form (or old disappear - new appear)

When no nodes are selected, the form doesn't disappear.

How can I solve this problems, or maybe there is a better solution ?

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What I think you are seeking is the PropertyGrid control.

It is a very deep and complex control, but can give amazing result.

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Try these codes for showing your form :

 private Form2 f2;    

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (f2 == null) {
       f2 = new Form2();
       f2.FormClosed += delegate { f2 = null; };
    else {
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About After each mouse down event, appear a new form, but I need there will be only one form (or old disappear - new appear) My solution:

Add to Form class a static variable Form frm; Add to Form class a static function

//Create new form if not yet created
//Or return instance of opened form which can update by new parameters
public static Form Instance()
    if (Form.frm = null)
        Form.frm = new Form();
    return Form.frm;

Then create all new forms only through this static function. Create overload functions for this static function if you want open different instances of Form.

And of course remember dispose static Form.frm object on closing form

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