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code here: (html/javascript/css is all inline for simplicity of including complete source)

I can insert tags but not attributes, details in pastebin, but simply put inserting a tag calls a function called insertTag(tag), and inserting an attribute (for example font size="3") calls insertAttr(tag, attr) where tag would be 'font' and attr would be 'size="3"'. insertTag() uses surroundContents(), but surroundContents() doesn't support attributes, and I can't figure out another way of inserting the tag with attribute.

Feel free to rip this code off for your own purposes too, it's simple and somewhat functional! :D

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Updated and moved to JSFiddle so it's easier to work with. This problem has been solved by applying css styles on creation of the element instead of actual HTML attributes. link – MaKR Nov 5 '12 at 20:13

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