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I am trying to use a native dll from Java using JNA. I am new to both Java and JNA. I am having issues with using callback function as a function parameter to the dll exported method.

Here is how the native function looks,

RegisterCallback(UNUM32 hMod, UNUM32 hCLL, CALLBACKFNC EventCallbackFunction)

This method basically tells the DLL to use this java method as a callback whenever there are certain events detected by the DLL.

Here is the callback function prototype,

EventCallbackFunction(UNUM32 eventType, UNUM32 hMod, UNUM32 hCLL, void *pCTag,   void *pTag)

Here is the java side implementation,

Library.INSTANCE.RegisterCallback(hMod, hCLL, eventCallbackFunction);

The eventCallbackFunction looks like this,

public interface EventCallbackInterface extends Callback {

public void callback(int eventType, int hMod,  int hCll, Pointer clltag, Pointer apiTag);


    public class Bridge{
public static EventCallbackInterface eventCallbackFunction = new EventCallbackInterface(){

    public void callback(int eventType, int hMod,  int hCll, Pointer clltag, Pointer apiTag) { System.out.println("Into the callback function: ");}

} }

I do not see any crash but it simply does not work eventhough the DLL recognizes the correct events. Could anybody please help me in this regard ? Many thanks in advance !

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Make sure that you use StdCallCallback if your callback API uses the stdcall calling convention. Also make sure you keep a reference to your callback object; if it is GC'd then the native code will skip over the non-existent callback. – technomage Oct 31 '12 at 13:28
Thank you Sir ! – user1724114 Oct 31 '12 at 16:35

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