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I am writing a rails applications that utilize solr for full text search

In development mode, I used the sunpost solr gem which is really handy. I used the sqlite3 database in development and everything went smooth.

Now is the time to move to production server and I installed the solr-tomcat package and moved to my production database which is Mysql. I moved the conf files of solr from my application folder to /usr/share/solr/conf

Suddenly, I cannot reindex, and solr returned this

rake RAILS_ENV=production sunspot:solr:reindex
[#                                 ] [  50/7312] [  0.68%] [00:00] [00:41] [ 175.82/s]rake aborted!
Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'barangs.' in 'where clause': SELECT  `barangs`.* FROM `barangs`  WHERE (`barangs`.`` >= 0) ORDER BY `barangs`.`` ASC LIMIT 50

Intrigued, I tried to reindex with the development database, all is well and can be reindexed. This behavior left me baffled

Any help will be appreciated

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I got the problem. It was due to me dropping and restoring tables recklessly and it loses some relationships definitions.

Hence the "missing" column on table 'barangs'.'MISSING' solr can't find the specified column.

For others who are facing the problem, I recommend inspecting the relationship between models first

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