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JSON Parsing with PHP

I'm hoping for a little assistance on this. I trying to take what's in my $data variable:


and turn it into an associative array that is something like this:

Product[0] => Internal,
Rank[0] => 1,
Number[0] => 1234,
Product[1] => External,
Rank[1]  => 1,
Number[1] => 5678

The closest I've been able to get is using the following code:

$del='/[{: ,}]/';
$data = preg_split($del,$data);

Which gives me something like this:

Array ( [0] => [ [1] => "Product" [2] => "1 [3] => 1" [4] => "Rank" [5] => "1"

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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Your input data is in JSON. There is a function that does what you want, json_decode: check it out. –  lserni Oct 30 '12 at 22:37

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If you know that $data is in JSON format, you could just do this:

$data = json_decode($data);

Then you want to iterate through the array of objects and transmogrify them:

$output = array();
foreach($data as $index=>$object) {
    foreach($object as $name=>$value) {
        $output[$name][$index] = $value;
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Perfect! Thank you very much for your help! –  Jesse Oct 31 '12 at 15:42

Firstly, use json_decode($data,TRUE), this will make your life easier, giving you nice array to transform in what you want.

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