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Trying to set a hash data type, that contains a dynamic key name. I have a attribute for example called "event_id" which contains an integer. I'd like that to be apart of the hash key name.

         self.attributes.each do |field, value|
          $redis.hset(event_id, field, value)

With the current code above, the key in redis is looking like


The goal is that I can add some text in front of that key, so that ideally the key would look like


I can't fiqure out the syntax in the key args without breaking the syntax. Thanks

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I fiqured this out by creating a "redis namespace". Then instead of doing $redis, which is the general namespace, I will call on this new namespace for the correct key name I'm after. The namespaces are nice way to organize your redis data.

          $redis_event   = Redis::Namespace.new("offer:with:event_id:", :redis => r)
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