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I'm trying to do the following.

var handler = e => { handle(); item.Unbind("event", this); }
item.Bind("event", handler);

In JavaScript this would properly work, but ScriptSharp replaces JavaScript's this with reference to the instance of class containing method with that code. How do I avoid this behavior and get a reference to the lambda from the lambda itself?

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Here's how you could do it (assuming Bind takes a delegate with the signature of an Action):

SomeObject item = ...;
Action handler = null;

handler = delegate() {
   // do something ... eg. call Handle();
   item.Unbind("event", handler);
item.Bind("event", handler);

Also, see this question: How to write a function in script# to be called with any object as this, not just with the instance of the class in which it is defined? for a technique for writing code that generates a "this" reference in script.

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