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So I'm starting to explore Java programming, and I feel I have a decent grasp of the basic syntax, conventions, and differences to C++. In order to learn more about Swing, I'd like to dive into the PasswordStore source code provided on the Oracle website (here). I should mention that I am using the Eclipse IDE (Juno).

Unfortunately and embarrassingly, though, I cannot figure out how to import the project into Eclipse. Most of the information I found through a Google search is telling me to use the "Create project from existing sources" option when creating a new project, but I cannot find that option in the New Java Project dialog box. Using Import->General->Existing Projects Into Workspace results in a "No projects are found to import" message (I tried the main folder and all the subfolders except those within the src subfolder).

The folder provided contains a "File"-type file called Makefile, manifest.mf, and an XML document called build. Digging around, I also discovered genfiles.properties, project.properties, build-impl.xml, project.xml, and a bunch of Java source files. Immediate subfolders are build, dist, nbproject and src. I could just open the source files directly, but I'd like to do this properly.

Could somebody tell me what I am supposed to be doing here?

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Since the example you linked is a NetBeans project, you may also find Migrating From NetBeans to Eclipse useful. –  Aqua Oct 31 '12 at 0:32

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