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Does anyone have any concrete examples with real reasons as to why one would prefer sprintf over stringstream in a C++ environment? Moreover, if you are working in the Microsoft world is there any reason to ever prefer sprintf to _snprintf?

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Is 'none' a valid answer? And you might want to stick your sprintf vs _snprintf question under a C tag. –  Xymostech Oct 31 '12 at 1:13
Performance possibly but you would have to measure. –  Jesse Good Oct 31 '12 at 1:14

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I use sprintf all the time in C++. I find it easier to work with, particularly when I am writing timestamps and other specially-formatted strings. Sure, you can do this with stream modifiers, but it's so long-winded, you can't see what the code is achieving at a glance.

It is preferable over _snprintf if you absolutely know that you won't be overflowing a buffer, and you require the fastest possible write or just don't want the extra parameter clutter.

Speaking of buffers, that's the other thing... Usually I would use sprintf or its variants when I have a buffer on the stack or I am writing into an existing buffer in memory. I wouldn't necessarily want the overhead of allocating and copying string objects about.

Not saying that I don't use ostringstream -- I certainly do (although more often I use istringstream, going the other way)... But I prefer to have two tools at my disposal instead of one.

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You would never prefer sprintf over streams, but you might consider snprintf (or _snprintf for MS compilers) in some circumstances.

For suitably performance-intensive pieces of code where performance has been measured, snprintf might give you a performance boost over using streams.

Additionally you might consider using snprintf if you're already maintaining a char[] buffer to pass into a C API.

And just to reiterate, you should always prefer _snprintf or snprintf over sprintf because they help prevent a wide variety of security issues and/or hard to find bugs.

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