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I have a GridView where I'm doing animations on sub-views of the grid cells. My problem is that the View recycling behavior means that on a long fling down the list, my ObjectAnimators sometimes end up pointed at the wrong View.

I've got my adapter implementing AbsListView.RecyclerListener and I'm getting the associated events, but detaching the Animator is proving more difficult than I expected. I tried animator.setTarget(null), but that got all crashy. I tried pointing it at a dummy object with a no-op setter, but that didn't go very well either. I think Animators get grouchy when you try to change the target out from under them.

I had somewhat better luck calling animator.end() and just ignoring the recycle events completely, but in both cases I still get some flicker that I'd really like to eliminate.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to reconnect a long-running Animator back up to a View when the associated data swings back into the viewport in some kind of reasonable way.

What's the best method of detaching and re-attaching ObjectAnimators to ListView or GridView cells?

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