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I have a desktop application written in C# that will communicate with an Android app. What is the easiest way to pass data between them over a tcp/ip connection? I'm less interested in performance, more interested in ease of implementation.

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I suggest gzipstream over socket. see: [gzipstream for forward only stream over sockets][1] [Using GZipStream for Client/Server Async Communication][2] [Decompress a GZipped response from the server (Socket)][3] [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/11050015/… [2]: stackoverflow.com/questions/7922206/… [3]: stackoverflow.com/questions/2619058/… – Cheung Tat Ming Oct 31 '12 at 1:53
For ease of use, I would suggest serializing to JSON or similar and passing messages. I don't have any Android experience, but I can only assume there are dozens of JSON de/serialization libraries out there. – Mike Caron Oct 31 '12 at 3:18
I agree with @MikeCaron. If you don't need to serialize binary data, JSON is really simple on the Android side. Use the GSON library (Google's JSON library). – Shellum Oct 31 '12 at 5:10

I naturally don't understand you by the meaning of ease of implementation. But as I guessed, you should need these:

In [C#]:

//util function
public static void WriteBuffer(BinaryWriter os, byte[] array) {
            if ((array!=null) && (array.Length > 0) && (array.Length < MAX_BUFFER_SIZE)) {
            } else {

//write a string
public static void WriteString(BinaryWriter os, string value)  {
            if (value!=null) {
                byte[] array = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(value);
            } else {

In [Java] Android:

/** Read a String from the wire.  Strings are represented by
 a length first, then a sequence of Unicode bytes. */
public static String ReadString(DataInputStream input_stream) throws IOException  
    String ret = null;
    int len = ReadInt(input_stream);
    if ((len == 0) || (len > MAX_BUFFER_SIZE)) {
        ret = "";
    } else {
        byte[] buffer = new byte[len];
        ret = new String(buffer, DATA_CHARSET);
    return (ret);

For further structural data, For e.g you want to send objects between C# and Java, please use XML Serialization in C# and XML Parser in Java. You can search for these on Internet; many examples are on Code Project website.

In Android part, you can use XStream library for ease of use.

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